Free Keyword Research Tools

Top 15 Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

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Free Keyword Research Tools
Free Keyword Research Tools

In 2022, here is a list of the finest free keyword research tools available on the internet.

These keyword research tools will greatly assist you in locating your keywords.

What’s new this time?

In this essay, I’ll explain which one is best for you based on your requirements.

So let’s get started.

15 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

1. Ahref

In a nutshell, Ahrefs is the most widely used keyword research tool for online professionals.
To begin with, it is not a free tool. This premium SEO tool was designed with pros in mind.

However, they currently offer certain limited free functions like Keyword Generator, Backlink Checker, SERP Checker, and others.

Explorer of the Web
Site Audit Rank Tracker Keywords Explorer
Explorer of Contents

Checker for Backlinks
Checker for Broken Links
Checker for Website Authority
Generator of Keywords
SERP Checker for YouTube Keyword Tool

Amazon Keyword Tool, and Bing Keyword Tool
Toolbar for Search Engine Optimization
Checker for Keyword Rank
Difficulty Checker is a tool for determining how difficult a task is.
Checker for Websites (After login)

2. Google Trend

Google Trends is a web-based analytics tool that displays the popularity of top Google search terms in various countries, regions, and languages.
It’s more than simply an analytical tool; you can use it to find and compare keywords that are outperforming others.

It gives data on the most frequently searched keywords or queries on Google.

You may also compare 5 different search queries to see which ones are the most popular.

It also shows the most frequently searched keywords on Google over the last few years.

Trending Search
Search Region Data
Related Search Queries Year in Search

3. Answer the public

AnswerThePublic is a fantastic resource for finding question-related keywords.
This tool is designed to help you find keywords that are connected to your inquiry.

It aids in the generation of question-related keywords by using the terms “What”, “Why”, “Which”, and “How”.

Simply type a word and you’ll get a list of problematic keywords that regular people use to search the internet.

It not only asks questions, but also delivers an alphabetical list of keywords, as well as a visualisation and data list.

Questionable Comparison of Keyword Generation

Country-specific keyword

generation Generation

Language-wise alert-info keyword generation

Answerthepublic will be a unique answer for you if you desire keywords linked to the question.

4. Semrush

On the internet, SEMrush is the most used keyword research tool.
It is more than simply a keyword research tool; it is a collection of SEO tools such as competitor analysis, backlink analysis, site audit, and more.

These incredible tools are already being used by over 7000000+ digital marketers to grow their businesses online.

And here’s the greatest part:

Overview of the Domain
Analyze the Traffic
Organic Investigations
Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis of Backlinks

Overview of Keywords
Position Tracking using the Magic Tool
Analysis of Backlinks
And there’s a lot more.

5. Moz

MOZ will not be included when discussing SEO tools; it just cannot be done.

MOZ is backed by the internet’s largest group of SEOs.
It’s not just a keyword research tool; it also assists us with SEO, digital marketing, link building, content marketing, and a variety of other tasks.

They also provide a Chrome extension to help you with your keyword research.

It also has some advanced features.

This means that after purchasing one of their Pro plans, it gives you access to certain features.

However, their free features are sufficient for a novice to locate the greatest keywords.

Analysis of visitors based on keywords
Analysis of the Keyword
Keep track of your keyword rankings.
Examine and audit your websites.
SEO-optimized pages
Look for link opportunities.
Make your own SEO reports

6. H- Supertool

H-supertools offers the best free SEO and digital marketing tools available on the internet to help you grow your online business.
It’s completely free, simple to use, and extremely accurate.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool supplied by Neil Patel, the world’s most well-known SEO expert. It’s gives you 3 free daily searches.
It has a fantastic user interface and excellent data that allows you to quickly determine which keywords are best for your web pages.

You can also purchase a subscription plan to gain access to all of the features of this tool.
Don’t worry; compared to other instruments on the market, their plans are relatively reasonable.

SEO Difficulty Checker for Keywords
Suggestions for keywords
Analysis of Competitors
Display of the Domain Overview Top Search Engine Optimization Pages
Content Concepts
Data on backlinks

8. Google Keyword Planner

The most dependable keyword research tool on the internet is Google Keyword Planner.
It also aids in the discovery of keywords for your Google search marketing.

Only this tool, unlike others, will provide you nearly accurate CPC prices for a keyword on Google search.
You receive a clear sense of your keywords, not just CPC.

Users will be able to see how many times they have searched for this keyword in Google search, for example.

You may also use this free tool to find fresh keywords that are relevant to your company.

Find fresh keywords to use.
Keyword ideas that are related
insights Keywords
Estimates of keyword bids
Make a plan and save it.

9. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a fantastic Chrome addon for conducting keyword research on Google search results pages.

It provides monthly search volume and CPC rates for each country.

The most exciting aspect is:

With this addon, it now offers a free AI article outline generator and content editor tool.

It’s completely free, and all you need to do is install it on your Chrome browser.
And this chrome extension will provide you with these fantastic capabilities.

Volumes of monthly searches
CPC (cost per click)
Concepts for new keywords
Data from the most popular pages

10. Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk keyword generator is a free local SEO keyword tool for small businesses and marketers. You must first choose a business type and a location, after which it will generate local keywords for your industry that potential clients might use to find you.

11. Spyfu

SpyFu is a comprehensive set of free SEO tools (including keyword research) that can be found on the internet.
It gives you a free organic keyword ranking history tool that no other free tool does.

The great part is that:

Not only does it give keyword research, but it also has practically every SEO tool you’ll need to expand your website quickly.

Overview of Keywords
Keywords that are related
Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks Backlink
SERP Analysis for Bulk Uploads
SEO Research PPC Research Backlinks Google Ads Advisor Link Builder for Research

12. Bing Webmaster

Microsoft owns Bing Webmaster Tools, which is Bing’s official keyword research tool.
It is the sole most trusted keyword research tool for Bing search engines because it comes from officials.

And you’ll get a sense of which keywords people are searching for the most.

Related Keywords from Keyword Research
Keywords for the Question
Keywords that have recently been discovered
Graphs of Trends
Site Scan with Site Explorer
Backlink Analysis in SEO Report

13. Google

Google is, without a doubt, the most potent keyword research tool available.

There’s also the autocomplete option, which allows you to generate an almost unlimited amount of keyword suggestions. When it comes to using Google for keyword research, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
When it comes to deciphering search intent, Google is your closest friend. Take a look at the search results to see if there are any SERP characteristics.

14. Soovle

Soovle is a one-stop shop for all keyword generation tools.
It assists us in generating the most often used internet search engine autocomplete suggested keywords, such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon,, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and

15. Serpstat

Serpstat is an SEO management tool that may be used to manage SEO, PPC, and content marketing campaigns.
Not only does it help you with keyword research, but it also gives you access to additional SEO tools that you’ll need to expand your website.

Most of the world’s most well-known firms utilise this technology to expand their web presence and create marketing campaigns.
To use their tools, you must first register a free account.

You can also subscribe to its premium plans to have access to additional services.

Researching Keywords
Analysis of Backlinks
Rank Monitoring
Analysis of Competitors
Checker for SEO on a website (website audit)
PPC analysis


These tools, in my opinion, are really useful for determining the appropriate keyword for your next article.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Which is the better option for you?

Perhaps I overlooked your preferred keyword research tool in this article.

In any case, please make a fast comment right now.

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