Best pay per download networks

Best Pay Per Download Networks in 2024

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Best pay per download networks
Best pay per download networks

Best Pay Per Download Networks

Do you realise that sharing your files might now earn you money?

In this article, I present a list of the Best Pay Per Download Networks in 2024.

Simply submit your important files to these websites and share the download links with your friends and followers.

You will begin earning after a successful download.

You can quickly withdraw your earnings after the minimum payment amount is met.

So, let’s find out which website is best for you.

What is the potential profit from pay-per-download?

With survey-based PPD networks, you can expect to make roughly $1 per download on average.

If you’ve uploaded a file to a pay-per-download service that doesn’t require you to complete a survey before downloading, You can expect to earn as little as $.02 every download.

However, because there is no download barrier with pay per download without a survey, downloads are higher, therefore you make more money overall even with a lower per download rate.

1. ShareCash

Each download is charged to the user. The odds are stacked against you, and the minimum payoff is only $10. Payments can be made using direct bank deposit, Paypal, Payza, and other methods.

2. File-Upload

One of the most prominent Pay Per Download (PPD) networks is File-Upload.
It pays roughly $7 for countries in Group A, such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

It also pays $3 for every 1,000 downloads of your uploaded files in other countries.

Why is it the most effective?

If your account balance is $1, you can request payment.

There’s no need to be concerned about payment!

It accepts a variety of payment methods, including Paypal, Perfect Money, Payeer, WebMoney, and others.

3. DLUpload

It’s a pay-per-download network established in Nepal that offers file hosting, cloud storage, and file synchronization. You can gain money by uploading your files to this website.

Every user receives a free 250 GB of storage. Only two times in 24 hours do maximum downloads from the same IP address count.

Payments are made every week on Sundays, with a $5 minimum payout.
Payment options include WebMoney, bitcoin, PayPal, and Paytm. Referral programme offers a 15% bonus plus a.01 registration bonus.

4. is a platform that allows people to make money by paying for downloads. You must direct your visitors to this page to download a file. In exchange, you will be paid based on the amount of traffic you receive.

There’s even a recommendation system in place. If someone joins the network as a result of your referral, you will receive 10% of their revenues. It is simple to use and features a user-friendly interface.

5. Costaction

CostAction is not a PPD website in the traditional sense. To put it another way, it’s more than a PPD site.
You must now upload your files to two additional websites, with all earnings being tracked on the CostAction dashboard.

What is the most enjoyable aspect?

On its two-site, you will be able to upload an endless number of files.

6. VeryFiles

VeryFiles is a straightforward and completely free service that allows you to profit from your files.
The good news is that:

You will receive 20% of each referral profit if you are successful in recommending people.

The withdrawal sum is also relatively little, around $10.

So there’s no need to be concerned about payment!

Once you’ve achieved your withdrawable balance, you can effortlessly send your funds using a variety of payment methods.

You may send an infinite amount of visitors to your downloaded file links, unlike other sites.

So you can earn unlimited money from this site.

7. Upload-4ever

Another good PPC network on the internet is Upload-4ever.
They also have an application that allows you to view statistics and profits.

With the links to your files, you may effortlessly upload and distribute them.

You can withdraw your money using a variety of payment ways once you’ve made a profit.

You can earn money not just from PPD, but also by referring someone through your referral link.

8. Mega4up

Mega4Up is a simple file-sharing website that also allows users to earn money.
They claim that for every 1000 downloads, they will pay you up to $10.

You can start selling your files right now through your Mega4up account, and you can choose your own pricing per file.

You will receive up to 80% of the retail price for each file you sell.

Simple File Upload Copy Files from a Remote URL
Most Payout Methods are Supported by High Profits/Download
Sell Your Files and Earn Money from Referrals
Volumes of Download are unlimited.

9. Adscendmedia

Adscend media is a content locking network that was founded in 2009. It’s a reward-based advertising system. It includes movies, questionnaires, and barriers.

When a consumer interacts with the supplied material, such as movies, surveys, or downloading an app, it pays off.

You can make your material unavailable to users until they complete tasks such as watching a video, taking a survey, or downloading an app.

It provides marketers with high-quality leads and pays publishers well.

  • The minimum payout is $50.
  • Payment options include Paypal, wire transfer, check, and ACH referral programme.
  • You can make up to $90 CPM, which is a lot of money.

10. DollarUpload

Dollarupload allows users to earn money from their downloads.
It pays not only for downloads, but also for tools, CPA offers, CPI mobile advertising, and crypto lockers.

As a result, you can triple your earnings.

This is the only website that offers to pay $100 or more for each 1,000 downloads.


From this list, you can select any PPD website.

However, you should constantly bear in mind which sites will pay you the most per 1,000 downloads.

Then select sites that fit your requirements.

I am confident that these PPD (Pay Per Download) websites will assist you in sharing your files and earning money.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Which PPD websites are the most appropriate for you?

Or perhaps I overlooked your favourite?

Let us know right now by leaving a brief comment!

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