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Hi, I am Aishwarya Suryawanshi

Thank You for visiting this page

Here is my journey as a blogger…..


I am Aishwarya

and this is my story!

In the bustling world of online content creation, my name is Aishwarya, a girl hailing from an Indian middle-class family.

Faced with the constraints of my situation, where leaving home or changing cities for a career seemed impractical, so I decided to build a life from the confines of my own space and stumbled upon the world of blogging


Initially, I had little understanding of what blogging entailed.

After a bit of research, I grasped the basic concept of sharing one’s thoughts with the world. So, I took the plunge, built a website from scratch, and began crafting informative blogs to express what I wanted to share.

After composing over 100 blogs, I soon realized that the results were not aligning with my expectations.

Despite my efforts, only 15-30 people were reading my content, and I felt a sense of disappointment and perceived failure.

Consequently, by the end of 2019, I made the difficult decision to bring my blogging journey to a close.

"But quitting is not in my nature"✍️

Undeterred, I embarked on a new phase of learning, delving into the intricacies of blogging. 

I soon realized that merely writing random blogs was insufficient. 

The key lay in understanding elements such as keywords, SEO, website speed, and various nuances — aspects that had eluded my awareness in 2018.

Determination 🎯

Undaunted, I relaunched my blog, building a website from scratch once again. Armed with a deeper understanding and the valuable lessons from previous failures, I approached the endeavor with renewed knowledge and resilience.

Despite my efforts, including writing blogs, implementing proper SEO strategies, and driving traffic to my website, obtaining approval from Google AdSense proved to be a significant challenge.

Unfortunately, my application faced rejection on three separate occasions.

Having exhausted all possible efforts, I decided to give it one last try, though with little hope.

😇Successful blog 🧿️

To my surprise, on a random Thursday morning, I woke up to a notification from Google,

🎉"Your AdSense account is approved, and your site is now ready to show AdSense ads."💰🎉

March 2023 marked the month when I received my first payment from Google.

This unexpected turn of events became a pivotal moment in my blogging journey, serving as a source of inspiration. I continue to navigate this dynamic realm, always learning and growing along the way.🙏