Website for copyright free images

Best 11 Websites for Copyright-Free Images

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Website for copyright free images
Websites for Copyright-Free Images

In this article, you will get 11 websites for copyright-free images. Do you know what is meant by copyright-free images? If you download any image from the internet for your personal use for example you download dog images from the internet for your mobile wallpaper this is allowed, but if you want to use images for commercial use it’s not allowed.

Commercial use includes business cards, websites, youtube content. By using the following websites you can download images and use them commercially.

so let’s see what websites we can visit right now for amazing images.

What Are Copyright-Free Images and How Do They Work?

Some websites enable you to download photographs for personal use (for example, background wallpapers), but not for commercial usage. This can include things like business cards, websites, and posters. The following websites’ photographs are protected by the Creative Commons CC0 license:

11 Websites for Copyright-Free Images

#1. Pixabay

The first website is is a licensed international website. It’s a platform for sharing copyright-free images, not only images but this site includes videos, vector graphics, illustrator, music.

Include 1,506,465 Free images for commercial use. One of my favorite sites. The best part is you don’t need to log in or sign up to download images for free. You can upload your photos, videos, music collection on this website.

#2. Freeimages

Browse over 300,000 high-quality royalty-free images quickly. Get all free images under its own license. You can search images by their category.

More than 20+ categories are available. Visit the website and check amazing images, website link is below.

#3. iStock is a royalty-free images provider company. This company provides the right content for you. Explore a wild range of images for websites, social media posts, blog posts,s and more.

This website provides videos, photos, illustrations, vectors.

Images cost would depend on the subscription plan. Get 10 FREE downloads with your first monthly subscription, this offer is on their website check out the website link is below.

#4. Unsplash is the website for downloading free images that you can use for any project. All photos are under the Unsplash license. More than 1000000+ Free Images are available on their websites.

Best copyright-free image sites around, because of over a million free high-resolution photos. You can also find a variety of HD wallpapers. HD wallpapers for mobile phones and desktops.

Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNET, Medium, and The Next Web have all listed Unsplash as one of the world’s top photography websites.

#5. Pexels is the website that started in 2015 and has grown to be a great copyright-free stock images website. Not only images you will get high-quality royalty-free, copyright-free videos for any project.

Over 10000+ free stock photos for free to download and use. Photo license under the Pexels license. Pexels not only display images located on their website but also outsource images from high-quality websites.

10000+ free stock photos and new high-quality photos will be added every day isn’t it great. They make sure all photos are uploaded by users are high quality.

You can download it for free, use it for free, you can edit photos and videos, attribution is not required. Visit the site to get an idea of what all photos are available on the Pexels website, link is below.

#6. Crello is the best for free stock pictures, photos, and images. Find high-resolution images on Crello for free. Discover new images every day that’s amazing. Royalty-free photos and images for the background. You need to log in to download free images from this site.

#7. Flickr this website is been there for a longer time on the internet. Explore millions of photos on Flickr. Open the image that you want to download and click on the download button it will ask you the image’s size which means you can download the image in different sizes. A great feature of Flickr.

At Flickr, too, new features are constantly being added. You may now order photo prints directly from Flickr, for example.

#8. Canva it’s mainly used as an editor. On the Canva website, you will get amazing free images almost for every category. Canva is one of my favorite websites for editing and for free photos. Free photos can be used in social media most. You can edit images easily in Canva.

What is permissible? the best part of Canva is all free images are available for commercial and noncommercial usage. Please check the image source or contact us if you’re unsure if a photo, music, or video file contains an identifiable person, place, brand, or trademark.

#9. PicJumbo

Viktor Hanacek, a 24-year-old photographer and web entrepreneur from the Czech Republic, enjoys his time there. In 2013, he launched PicJumbo, a free stock photo service that is now used by millions of bloggers, designers, and marketers all around the world.

Beautiful free stock photos to use on your website or blog. Download free high-resolution photographs that are in pristine condition. 100% free, no watermark, and unrestricted commercial use!


StockSnap is a fantastic and comprehensive database of free stock photography. StockSnap isn’t your average photography site, with hundreds of high-quality photographs updated every week.

Every image in StockSnap, which was created by the fine people at Snappa, is free to use. You’ll have a hard time finding a better image archive.

#11. life of pix

You may easily lose yourself for hours looking through Life of Pix’s lovely copyright-free images.

Life of Pix is a shelter for free, public domain images, created by the LEEROY advertising agency in Montreal. Even better, the Life of Vids website has even more remarkable stock video footage, all of which is freely available.

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