Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

50 Best Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

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Discover 50+ affordable birthday return gifts for kids, including options under 100 rupees and under 50 rupees. Make every child’s birthday celebration memorable with thoughtful and budget-friendly tokens of fun and appreciation.

Planning a birthday party for your child involves a multitude of tasks, from choosing the theme to organizing games and decorations. One aspect that often requires careful consideration is selecting return gifts for the young guests. While you want to express gratitude to the attendees, budget constraints can make this task challenging. Fear not! Here’s a comprehensive list of 50+ birthday return gifts for kids, including options under 100 rupees and under 50 rupees, ensuring that every child leaves with a smile on their face.

50 Best Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

Return Gifts Under 100 Rupees

  1. Mini Coloring Books with Crayons
  2. Finger Puppets
  3. Bouncy Balls
  4. Bubble Wands
  5. Fruit Scented Erasers
  6. Temporary Tattoos
  7. Mini Puzzle Games
  8. Stationery Sets
  9. Plastic Toy Animals
  10. Glow Sticks
  11. Character Stickers
  12. Mini Play-Doh Tubs
  13. Fidget Spinners
  14. Wooden Whistles
  15. DIY Craft Kits
  16. Cartoon Character Masks
  17. Rubber Duckies
  18. Mini Sports Balls
  19. Slime or Putty
  20. Fancy Pencils
  21. Colorful Socks
  22. Cookie Cutters
  23. Patterned Bandanas
  24. Foam Gliders
  25. Kaleidoscopes
  26. Squishy Toys
  27. Decorative Keychains
  28. Mini Paint Sets
  29. Comic Books
  30. Candy Necklaces

Return Gifts Under 50 Rupees:

  1. Colorful Plastic Rings
  2. Spiral Keychains
  3. Mini Jigsaw Puzzles
  4. Fancy Hair Clips or Hair Bands
  5. Mini Notebooks
  6. Rubber Bracelets
  7. Magic Tricks or Novelty Items
  8. Scented Soap Bubbles
  9. Character Pens
  10. Tangram Puzzle
  11. Cookie Decorating Kits
  12. Mini Handheld Fans
  13. Character Masks
  14. Colorful Sunglasses
  15. Decorative Fridge Magnets
  16. Funny Face Masks
  17. DIY Friendship Bracelet Kits
  18. Tattoo Sleeves
  19. Whoopee Cushions
  20. Mini Watercolor Sets
  21. Emoji Keychains
  22. Character Memo Pads
  23. Crayon Sets
  24. Patterned Bandages
  25. Origami Paper Sets
  26. Finger Skateboards
  27. Plastic Kazoos
  28. Jumping Frogs
  29. Mini Water Guns
  30. Loom Bands

With this diverse range of birthday return gift ideas, you can cater to different interests and preferences while staying within your budget. Remember to personalize the gifts according to the age and gender of the guests, and consider packaging them creatively to enhance their appeal. By offering thoughtful and affordable tokens of appreciation, you can make every child feel special and ensure that your child’s birthday celebration is a memorable and joyous occasion for everyone involved.

Birthday Return Gifts for Kids: Thoughtful and Affordable Tokens of Appreciation

Birthdays are much-awaited occasions for children, filled with laughter, games, and of course, the excitement of receiving gifts. In the spirit of gratitude and generosity, it’s a tradition to offer return gifts to the young guests who attend the birthday celebration. However, finding the perfect return gift that fits within your budget can be challenging. Fear not! Here’s a comprehensive guide on selecting birthday return gifts for kids, including options under 100 rupees and under 50 rupees.

Return Gifts Under 100 Rupees:

1.Mini Coloring Books with Crayons:

Compact coloring books featuring favorite cartoon characters or simple designs, paired with a small pack of crayons, make for an enjoyable and budget-friendly return gift.

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2. Finger Puppets:

Finger puppets are not only entertaining but also encourage imaginative play. Look for sets featuring animals, fairy tale characters, or superheroes, which can be found at affordable prices.

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3. Bouncy Balls:

Colorful bouncy balls are classic and inexpensive gifts that provide hours of entertainment. Choose ones with vibrant designs or patterns to captivate kids’ attention.

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4.Bubble Wands:

Bubble wands or bottles of bubbles are inexpensive yet delightful gifts that children of all ages enjoy. They add an element of fun to outdoor playtime.

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5.Fruit Scented Erasers:

Scented erasers in fun shapes and colors are practical and appealing gifts for kids. They make erasing mistakes a sensory experience and can be found at affordable prices.

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6.Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary tattoos featuring various designs like animals, symbols, or superheroes are affordable and trendy gifts for kids. They can have fun applying and sharing them with friends.

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7.Mini Puzzle Games:

Mini puzzle games like Rubik’s cubes, maze puzzles, or sliding puzzles are compact and stimulating gifts that challenge kids’ problem-solving skills.

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7.Stationery Sets:

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Basic stationery sets including pencils, erasers, and sharpeners are practical and budget-friendly return gifts. Customize them with fun designs or themes to make them more appealing.

Return Gifts Under 50 Rupees:

1.Colorful Plastic Rings:

Plastic rings in various shapes, colors, and designs are inexpensive yet charming gifts for kids. They can be used as accessories or incorporated into imaginative play.

2.Sticker Sheets:

Sticker sheets featuring favorite cartoon characters, animals, or emojis are affordable and entertaining gifts that kids love to collect and decorate with.

3.Spiral Keychains:

Spiral keychains in bright colors are simple yet practical gifts that children can attach to their school bags or pencil cases. They are available at low prices and come in various designs.

4.Mini Jigsaw Puzzles:

Miniature jigsaw puzzles with simple designs or pictures are inexpensive and engaging gifts that keep kids entertained for hours.

5.Fancy Hair Clips or Hair Bands:

Fancy hair clips or hair bands in vibrant colors and designs are affordable and adorable gifts for girls. They add a touch of style to their outfits.

6.Mini Notebooks:

Mini notebooks with colorful covers are inexpensive and useful gifts for kids to jot down notes or doodles. Personalize them with stickers or drawings for added appeal.

7.Rubber Bracelets:

Rubber bracelets in assorted colors or with motivational phrases are trendy and affordable gifts that kids can wear as accessories.

8.Magic Tricks or Novelty Items:

Small magic trick sets or novelty items like kaleidoscopes or mini slinkies are inexpensive and entertaining gifts that spark curiosity and imagination.

Remember, the value of a return gift lies not in its price tag but in the joy it brings to the children who receive it. Whether it’s a modest token or a lavish present, what matters most is the thought and appreciation behind the gesture. With these budget-friendly return gift ideas, you can make every child’s birthday celebration a memorable and joyful occasion.

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